Uniqlo Lifewear


Uniqlo Lifewear

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· Role: Senior Art Director & designer
· Razorfish NY, 2015


Uniqlo creates clothing for all ages, seasons and activities. Rather than chasing fast fashion trends, they create staples inspired by the way people actually live their lives.

As part of the Japanese retailer’s introduction to the US market, we created a year's worth of digital content featuring the brand’s core products.

The work was translated into 12 languages and broadcast across the entire global marketing network — extending from digital to TV, in-store and OOH.


Uniqlo Supima: Coordinating the perfect spring look

For Spring, we paired supremely soft Supima outfits with simple and sweet makeup looks.



Creative Director: John Antoniello
Associate Creative Director: Marjorie Oetting
Senior Copywriter: Nick Elliott
Designer: Andy Catch

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